When Grid2Grid, LLC (G2G) was first started in 2005 in Washington D.C. in the USA, we begun work on an investment advisory project in single country in Africa. Today, G2G covers 25 countries in Africa for its clients, 5 in Asia and 1 in Eastern and Central Europe and the Middle East. In the years since our founding driven by our experience in emergent markets and by demand to meet the specific needs of our clients G2G has evolved into several specialized groups. These groups provide advisory services, trade agricultural and energy commodities, invest in social impact projects and provide public relations services to clients in emergent markets.


We help investors to originate, structure and develop projects in emergent markets with a focus on Africa. We also develop and manage our own proprietary projects.


The definition of emergent is, “In the process of coming into being or becoming prominent.”
An emergent market is one which is on the verge of being recognized.
Emergent markets can take many forms including spanning entire continents, regions, countries, companies, sectors and sub-sectors.

our mission

To generate transformational change which empowers people, recognizes diversity, creates sustainability, respects the environment and creates lasting impact in the communities where we live and work.

WHy us?

Deep knowledge combined with practical working experience as well as knowing the people that
matter to you makes us a compelling choice.

We come from places that are emergent we understand local cultures and we know the context because we have worked and lived the total emergent experience.

Knowing what and when to do it comes from doing things that have not been done before and
from solving problems or meeting challenges that are unique to the emergent world.


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