Grid2Grid, LLC Launches new website and Welcomes New Advisory Board Members

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Metropolitan Washington DC – Tuesday, February 8th, 2022.

Grid2Grid, LLC, G2G has revamped its website delineating several business segments and focusing the company on core competencies. The new site was necessary in order to ensure the separation of several of its business groups which have grown over the years. In addition to this G2G welcomes a new advisory board. The new board is made up of business people from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Previously the board was entirely African. The composition of the board reflects G2G growing business across all emergent market segments as well as the goal of the company of focusing on developing south-south business The new advisory board members are as follows and will serve three year terms:

Mr. Ladi Balogun,
Co-Chair, Group Chief Executive, FCMB Group , Lagos, Nigeria

Mr. Mohammed Dewji,
Co-Chair, CEO, METL-Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Ms. Nana Anin-Amaoko,
Co-Chair, Chief of People & Business Development, CrowdReason, Accra, Ghana

Ms. Mobola Onibonoje,
Investment Committee, Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund Lagos, Nigeria

Ms. Dupe Olusola,
Managing Director/CEO, Transcorp Hotels, Lagos, Nigeria

Ms. Lillian Li
Vice President North America, China Energy Reserve and Chemicals Group (CERCG), Beijing, China

Mr. Alex Mbugua
CEO, QED Solutions, Nairobi, Kenya

Mr Rauf Diah
Managing Partner, Naurel Investments, Jakarta, Indonesia

Mr. Bright Simons,
Founder, Mpedigree, Accra, Ghana

Mr. Daniel Ben Yehuda,
CEO, OM2 Ventures, Tel Aviv, Israel

Mr. Moses Adriko,
Partner, MMAKs Associates, Kampala, Uganda

Mr. Alex Carraro,
President, Americas, President Ottimale Advisory, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Mr. Priyanjith Weerasooria,
Director, Finco Group, Colombo, Sri Lanka

About Grid2Grid
Grid2Grid, LLC ‘Networks Powered by People’ provides advisory, investment and trade promotion services in emerging markets and is headquartered in Metropolitan, Washington DC.

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