New Energy Subsidiary Launched by Grid2Grid, LLC

 Metropolitan Washington DC – Tuesday, August 8th, 2017.

Grid2Grid, LLC, G2G has created an energy subsidiary with the goal of launching a diversified portfolio of energy projects focusing both on renewable and legacy sectors.

The subsidiary which has been named Grid2Grid Energy (G2G Energy) will be divided into three parts:

A renewables group focusing on solar and wind sectors which will look at Independent Power Producer (IPP) projects as well as at providing stand alone off grid solutions.

The group is also looking into creating simple to use energy efficient consumer renewable products.

Specific project evaluations in this regard have been underway for sometime in a number of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

A legacy projects group meanwhile will work on niche opportunities in supporting investments into marginal oil and gas fields.

As well as looking into oil and gas infrastructure development such as refineries and LPG terminals.

And a trading group tasked with supplying crude oil and refined products to select clients internationally.

Commenting on the launch of the subsidiary Asoka Ranaweera, Managing Partner G2G said

” Renewables are the future for all emergent countries and it’s here where we want to focus the bulk of our efforts on creating a sustainable energy future as we transit from old legacy energy based on fossil fuels. However, sustainability and affordability have to go hand in hand in particular if it is to support the rapid socio-economic development of emergent regions where energy is so critical to rapid advancement of people. We therefore have to prudently manage the transition from old to new by investing carefully in each of these sources of energy until a full and successful transition takes place. In our own small way we want to contribute to these efforts through G2Grid Energy.”

About Grid2Grid
Grid2Grid, LLC ‘Networks Powered by People’ provides advisory, investment and trade promotion services in emerging markets and is headquartered in Metropolitan, Washington DC.

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